Finally, the trilogy to Chess and Checkers. Kingsters is a simple yet strategic board game resurging in the niche community.

Kingsters is the new game on the market expected to make a big splash in the near future. As Onid Games first published title, Kingsters is an accelerated take on Checkers and and easier to play game of Chess. The rules are simple, you start with six pieces that can move in any direction on the board AND you can jump your own piece to move around the board. This game requires you to be hyper aware of every block on the board. Our role has been to produce the creative and direct the production of concept to play.

This project required constant care and attention to detail throughout the process. From designing the visual assets to the backend developing and even to the social marketing – ClearRock has crafted an exciting brand experience layered with mobile gaming. Kingsters four starting stage layout forces users to rethink their approach at the very beginning.


Full Experience.

Kingsters, in a quick note, will be a globally played and enjoyed mobile game. Through direct marketing and staying focused on improving the experience, Kingsters will be a top 10 played game in every mobile App Store.

But it is likely this feat does not happen over night. Building a product that good from scratch takes time to work out and think through. Currently in its infancy phase, Kingsters is thinking through new experiences every day and self correcting its own mistakes.

Without question we have created an entertaining experience for users of all ages. We must trust the process of the creation so far, as to believe that whatever curiosity the organic user possess will find Kingsters.

The horizon for Onid Games is bright – we are working on new projects together for the future.

The Ultimate Game Of Strategy