Shootaa Picks is an online Sports Wagering Advisory and Consulting Firm that was looking to develop their brand in late 2022. They came to us with no logo, no online presence, and no clue where to start.

We noticed they had an active instagram but were posting mundane content that was not garnering attention and not conveying their services properly to their target audience. 

Our solution was to post more flashy content on their pages and restructure their page to appeal to their target audience. Once this was set, we helped them run paid ad campaigns to bring people into a free trial group message where interested customers could get a glimpse into what Shootaa Picks was all about.

Since we started working with them, Shootaa Picks has grown to:

  • over 80k followers on Instagram
  • over 1k people have joined their free trial group message¬†
  • over 100 active clients