Cowboys Turf & Landscaping is a turf installation company working in Beaumont, Texas. They were having an issue with social media engagement and inbound leads. Their previous videos were only gaining an average of 200 views total per video and their monthly page reach was only around 1k users. We approached them with an offer to create content and manage their paid advertising. 

Our solution was to post 4-5 reels per month and fresh campaigns each month. We know the market enjoys watching the process of turf installations. So we’re putting together entertaining process videos that end with a simple logo and number. 

Our advertisements consist of forms to fill out on top of calling campaigns. These campaigns have worked well for us as they keep their phones ringing month after month. Bringing in 3 – 5 new jobs per month. 

Our reels consistently reach over 1k users and recently have been getting 2k-3k users per video. Our service has brought their monthly page reach to over 40k each month.